10 easy Halloween makeup ideas for kids


Children are always enthusiastic about eating candy. And when it comes to dressing up and playing scary, like Halloween , the party really becomes a must. A well done make-up is enough and the child is ready to terrorize those around him, by playing the most horrific characters there is.

There are many easy-to-make Halloween makeup looks for kids . Our selection of 10 special Halloween children’s paint faces .

Halloween makeup: the essential pumpkin

The pumpkin is THE symbol of Halloween . It is found everywhere: in the kitchen, in decoration and of course on disguises. In make-up, it can be worn in a reduced version on the cheek as well as in an XXL version when it covers the entire face.

For this make-up, it is essential to provide a quantity of orange eyeshadow, to be applied with a sponge or a brush, taking into account the skin surface to be worked on. There are also touches of yellow to give relief and black for the contours of the eyes, nose and mouth. It is this black make-up that will shape the mouth in a more or less terrifying way, for a chewable or scary face.

Skeletons come to life on Halloween

Simple but effective, the skeleton costume is one of the most successful Halloween parties. The child who wishes to play this character will be dressed all in black and white.

For makeup, white is predominant. The black is used to bring shadows, for the eye sockets, the nose, the mouth of the skull. Cracks can also be drawn on the skeletal head which is now standing in front of you, using a makeup pencil.

A more colorful variant , perfectly suited to disguise a child , can also be seen at Halloween parties: dia de los muertos makeup . This trend comes from Mexico and its now famous festival of the same name. Starting from the same skeleton makeup, just draw colorful flowers with makeup pencils in different bright shades.

Halloween, the feast of the little monsters

On December 31, the little monsters are out. These characters, straight out of the imagination, fascinate young and old as much as they frighten them. We meet a lot of them when it comes time to celebrate Halloween . Despite their differences, all of them have a sinister look that is cold in the back.

Among them, the Frankenstein monster , with its disturbing appearance due to its strange greenish complexion and its many scars.

The green eyeshadow is applied here as a foundation, to cover the entire face. The eye area is blackened for visually deep sockets. The same goes for the hollow of the cheeks, which accentuates the square jaw effect. Lips may appear chapped with black streaks made up with a brush or pencil. It is also this method which will be used to draw the scars of Frankenstein’s monster and which will make the pride of the child thus disguised for Halloween.

Trick or treat: the witch and her spell

Ordinary mortals who open their doors on October 31 are subjected to an evil choice: candy or a spell. Witches are on the lookout …

Pale or greenish complexion, red pimples and warts on the nose, dark and piercing eyes, the witch is recognizable among all and truly impressive. And to add further anguish to this unsettling encounter, she often presents herself with spider webs woven into her faceā€¦ Shivers are guaranteed.

When vampires are hungry … for candy

When we think of terrifying characters, we can’t forget the terrible thirsty vampires . On October 31, they are particularly hungry for sweets and other sweets.

Slicked back hair, sharp canines and dazzling white on blood red lips, this character makes more than one tremble at every Halloween party.

The trick is to draw the teeth on the lips of your child in disguise, to avoid the use of accessories like dentures.

Creatures of the night: bats

Bats are creatures of the night. They are often likened to vampires. Naturally, they spread their wings to accompany them when it comes to celebrating Halloween.

This makeup avoids the most sensitive areas of the child’s face , such as the eyes or lips for example. It is therefore ideal for any age. It is done with black make-up and a second, white or red, to bring out the eyes of the animal.

The transformation of the werewolf

One of the scariest characters in children’s stories is the wolf. And what about his cousin the werewolf! To transform your little wolf into a scary werewolf with makeup, bet on gray, black, white tones.  

The Joker

Famous people sometimes have a dark side, making them as fascinating, if not more so, as the heroes themselves. This is the case with the Joker.

The makeup of the Joker is easy to reproduce  : the complexion is white, the mouth very wide and very red, the nose red and the eyes in blue diamonds.

The trick is to blend in the makeup to make it spill over. Like makeup diluted with tears under the eyes, and smeared over the mouth well beyond natural lips.

The zombies

The Zombies also take part in the Halloween party, with their grayish complexion, black eyes and fake blood flow.

The ghost

Nice or not, ghosts love to have fun. So they show up on Halloween.

Ghost makeup is the easiest and fastest way to do it. All you have to do is apply white makeup all over your face, circle your eyes in black and you’re done. A white sheet for a cape and the child is ready to terrify his friends.

This makeup can be diverted into specter of death, choosing to finalize the disguise with a black hoodie rather than white.

In summary

  • Halloween is a highlight of the year for children, who enjoy getting makeup done for the occasion. Outside, you can also offer them to wear make-up as animation for a birthday for example!
  • The paint face is an inexpensive disguise , in addition to being quick and easy to perform.
  • In order for the party to be fully successful, it is recommended to use hypoallergenic makeup to protect the sensitive skin of the child.
  • This festival is also the perfect opportunity to do themed activities such as pumpkin drawings, pumpkin- based recipes, etc.