9 Halloween makeup ideas for kids


It’s Halloween time! Vampire, witch, pumpkin … Here are makeup tutorials, from the simplest to the most difficult, so that your children can collect as much candy as possible during the party.


Level: easy. Apply foundation that is lighter than its skin tone all over your child’s face. Add a light coat of white powder with a brush to give it a wan look. Darken her eyebrows with brown makeup to harden her eyes. Apply yellow eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid, then red on the brow bone, as well as on the lower eyelid.  


Average level. To make the bandana, apply with a sponge some red face paint – which can be washed off with water – on his forehead, then draw a knot that goes down the left temple. For the eye patch, take a round sponge, apply the same product this time in a black shade to the right eye, then add the string, the outlines of the scarf and the mustache with a fine brush.  

For the beard, dab the chin with a sponge lightly dipped in the same black face paint. If you want more relief, add a few touches of white along the details. Don’t forget the fake scar on the cheek! 

Demonic doll

Level: easy. Choose a shadow to match her wig – here purple – and apply it liberally to her eyelids. Enlarge her eyes by making the outline of the upper eyelid with a line of black eyeliner, then make another one flush with the upper lashes. With a white pencil, go far below the level of the lower lashes, then make a line of black eyeliner again , before drawing doll lashes à la Twiggy. 

Apply pink blush on her cheeks, do some freckles. For the “angel’s smile”, apply lipstick in the shape of a heart on the center of the mouth , then draw a horizontal scar along the corners of the lips. 


Average level. Using green face paint, draw the tyrannosaurus on half of its face: head over mouth, body and paws on cheek, tail over temple to forehead. Take some pink and draw the T-Rex’s gums with a thin brush on the corner of his lips. Repeat the operation with white to make the teeth sharp.  

Finally, with black, draw the nose, the eye – also to be filled with white – and the contours of the animal . Think about webbed paws. The more seasoned will add touches of yellow for a 3D effect, as well as stripes and black nails to make the reptile more terrifying. 

Spider Breeder Witch

Level: difficult. Apply a light coat of silvery white, using a sponge, round the forehead and between the eyebrows. With another sponge, add a strip of blue on top. Gradient the two colors with the blank side of the sponge. Also put blue on the eyelids. Repeat the same steps with purple on the forehead, then – without re-dipping your tool in the material – also color the temples.  

Cover the whole with glitter . Optional step, reserved for older children: with navy blue, gray or black, achieve a smokey eye. For the body of the spider, make a circle in turquoise blue with a fine brush in the middle of the forehead, then draw in black the head and the thin legs between the eyebrows, as well as the outlines. Don’t forget the cobwebs at the corners of the eyes. On the lips, apply purple, hem in black and blend with a dry brush. 


Average level. To make the base of the skeleton, dab a skull shape on its face using a sponge dipped in white. Circle the eyes with black.  

Draw the outlines of the frame with a thin black brush, then accentuate her eyebrows, outline her eyes and refine her nose by lengthening her nostrils with a triangle. Finish the makeup with a scar on the mouth. 


Level: easy. Cover her entire face with orange (including lips, eyebrows and eyelids). With a fine brush and black, draw the reliefs of the pumpkin by making a vertical line from the middle of the forehead to the chin through the bridge of the nose, then add arcs of circles on each side – no pressure : the latter do not have to be perfectly symmetrical.  

Next, draw a horizontal line across the front to represent the cutout cover. With black, reproduce a mini triangle on his nose, a big triangle on each eye and a broad smile. With green, stand in line. Forget the candle, too dangerous! 


For Batman , level: easy. With a fine brush dipped in black, draw a large U flush with her eyebrows, then a large C on each cheek from the temples to the cheekbones, a mini arc going to the side of the nose and a ” seagull “on the nose, all forming the wings of a bat. Make a capital M between her eyebrows for the head. Color the interior. 


Level: difficult. With a black pencil, darken her eyebrows, make an M between the two (for the head), draw four arcs on the temples that you will then connect at the bottom (for the wings). Draw a seagull under the eyes to complete the mask.  

With black eyeshadow, darken the eyebrows and wing tips. Make a gradient by coloring the inside with gold. The more seasoned will cover the child’s face with a fishnet fabric to make the scales by dabbing black with a large brush. Finish by ironing the outlines with black eyeliner.