Halloween children’s makeup – ideas for your little monsters


The spectacular spooky side of Halloween is a huge attraction for kids and they want to dress and put on makeup to impress and scare their friends. Of course, the choice of costumes is impressive, but to perfect their look your child needs a good Halloween makeup for children to follow with their disguise. With a little imagination you can help your little one achieve a “scary” look. In this article, you are going to find a lot of tips and ideas on how to make up your little monster for the party. Here are now other interesting ideas for an interesting children’s Halloween makeup in pictures:

Halloween interesting kid makeup

Let’s start with one of the most famous characters on Halloween – Dracula . It is not difficult to turn your child into a vampire. Start by covering her entire face with a light gray makeup base using a damp sponge. Mix a darker gray with a little black and make darker spots under the eyes, on the sides of the nose, on the cheeks and chin.

Halloween makeup for children: Dracula

Then add the details with a brush using white paint first and then black paint. Draw small lines from the corners of the eyes to the upper part of the cheeks under the eyes and from the nose to the upper part of the cheeks.

Little girl made up as a zombie

With white paint make vampire teeth on each side of the mouth and then add black outlines. Using black, outline the eyebrows. And the final touch – with red paint make a line under each eye, draw the lower lip and drops of “blood” next to each tooth.

Halloween children’s make-up “clown” for little girl

Now it’s the turn of something a little more cheerful – the pumpkin. Making a pumpkin face is a perfect idea for the little ones. Start by applying, using a damp sponge, an orange base coat all over the face, leaving a clean area on the upper side of the forehead. Then, with dark gray paint and a brush, draw the stem of the pumpkin on the clean area of the forehead, adding wavy lines to it as leaves. Using black paint and a brush, make lines all over your face to mimic the skin of the pumpkin.

Halloween makeup for little boy

If your kid is a fan of Spiderman, then they will definitely love the idea of having a spider web on their face. To do this, use a brush and black paint. To create a spider web, you need to draw intersecting star-shaped lines on one of the cheeks and then connect them with two curves inside each segment. On the other cheek you can draw a spider. Make a circle for the spider’s body and a smaller circle for the head. Add four feet on each side of the body and two antennae on the head. Put silver paint on the canvas as a finishing touch.

Little girl wearing cat makeup

Little girls love to dress up as animals. Dressing up as a black kitten is a great idea for the Halloween party. To perform the cat look well, it is necessary to ensure black clothes for little girl. It is better to give preference to clothes with frills, feathers and other interesting textures. Then it is time to prepare the face. For this it is enough to take black body paint and draw a small black nose and mustaches. If you want, you can also do black nail polish. And finally don’t forget the ears and the tail. These can be made from wire wrapped in black fabric.

Halloween children’s make-up idea for little boy

Another very popular idea among kids on Halloween is the skeleton look. To be successful, you must first cover your child’s entire face with white paint and then outline their eyes, nose and mouth with black paint. Use black eyeliner to draw skeletal teeth and nostrils. To complete the look, put a white hat on your child’s head.

Scary makeup for little girl

Here is another original idea – to make a scary doll in the style of Chucky the doll.

When it comes to clothing, the choice is great and you just need to be imaginative. Choose clothes that are dull or colored, wide, with long sleeves. Or old clothes that you can tear at the base. For the hair, there too the choice is vast. Hair with quilts, braids, tied or a wig to put on, it’s up to you to choose the right one. Finally, it is enough to draw the face with suitable pencils and to form some scars.

Little cute tiger

And for the little ones who are afraid, no need to be scary!

Indeed, small children are often afraid, so sometimes it is enough to concoct a cute disguise, such as a tiger, a cat, a bear or other favorite animal. For this, it is enough to provide yourself with body paint and pencils, paint the base of the face in the desired color. And finally, to draw the features that characterize the desired animal.

One idea that children find really funny is to draw parts of the face in unexpected places. Take example in this photo. Draw eyes in an unusual place, lips on the forehead and ears on the face and the costume will be out of the ordinary and in the spirit of Halloween.

The circles under the eyes are always very scary. To do this, just bring a black and red or purple pencil and go around the eyes.

Dressing up as a vampire is a classic and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Store-bought eye liner, some lipstick, and vampire teeth