Halloween makeup: child, woman, man …

Halloween is the time to wake up your inner monster with terrifying makeup. Skeleton, zombie, clown, devil, for children and adults alike, find tutorials that are easy to reproduce to make those around you tremble.

Children and adults alike love to dress up on Halloween , but terrifying makeup is needed to complete the outfit and complete the transformation into a monster. A few greasy eyeshadows are enough to become for an evening one of those creatures of the night that roam the streets on Halloween. From simple and quick-to-make make-ups for kids eager to go looking for candy, to more precise and scary ones for adults, here are some easy-to-reproduce tutorials to turn anyone into a horrific creature. All you have to do is wow and terrify the neighborhood!


How to make easy makeup for children?

Halloween makeup should be appropriate for every situation and every person. Be aware that the pattern will be different if it is a child or an adult. Make-up that is a little too realistic or a little too complex could traumatize your toddlers or end their patience. Indeed, a child under 5 will be quiet for a very short time, so it is advisable to choose an easy to replicate Halloween makeup idea such as a simple pirate pattern, a pumpkin or a clown head. When applying make-up to children, it is also preferable to avoid the area around the eyes and the mouth. If your child really does not let it go, you can opt for a Halloween mask .

The equipment for a disguise make-up is easily found in specialized stores or in toy stores. Rather, it is recommended to use suitable make-up which will be hypoallergenic and non-toxic in the event of accidental ingestion, especially if you are applying make-up to young children. Oily makeup is popular because it is easy to use, but it tends to run off and is not very durable. Water-based make-up lasts longer, but it has less coverage and gives a glimpse of the face. Note that makeup can only be stored for 18 months after opening.

Halloween mask: how to make it yourself?

The Halloween mask is the accessory that completes a successful disguise and scares passers-by. From skeleton, clown or vampire, there are all kinds and it is even possible to make it yourself. To draw, color or customize, here are all our tips for a successful Halloween mask.

How to do a simple clown makeup?

One makeup that children like for Halloween is that of the clown. Easy to make, it also appeals to parents! Rest assured, you don’t have to be a makeup pro to be successful with clown makeup. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Apply white eyeshadow with a brush, all over the face, in a generous layer.
  2. Depending on the model chosen (sad, happy or terrifying clown), draw the mouth with red eyeshadow. Do not hesitate to enlarge the features and make it very large.
  3. Then apply eye makeup. Start by thickening the eyebrows with black eyeshadow, then color the eyes, blue or yellow for example. You can make up both eyes the same color, or different colors.
  4. Tip: To make things easier, use stencils for the perfect clown makeup!

How to do easy skeleton makeup?

The skeleton face is also a very popular makeup for children, boys or girls, it is also very easy to achieve in a short time. Two eyeshadows, one white and one black, will be enough to transform your little “monsters”.

  1. Outline the shadowy areas with black makeup: the top of the temples, larger or smaller circles around the eyes, the sides of the nose and the cheeks. For the cheeks, start at the level of the ears, follow the line of the cheekbones to the middle of the cheek then go down in a straight line or slightly oriented towards the chin.
  2. Fill the inside of the face in white respecting the boundaries of the nose and eyes. Then fill in the other parts in black.
  3. Draw a thin black line on each side of the face, from the corners of the lips to the border between white and black. Thicken this line then add small strokes at regular intervals up and down to mimic a gloomy smile.

This is a simplified version of the skeleton makeup, but this base can be reused by an adult, it will take a few improvements to achieve a more spooky makeup.

What ideas for scary Halloween makeup?

On Halloween night, zombie , ghost, witch, monster, skeleton, pumpkin, devil or vampire make-up is a real hit. The more scary they are, the more we love them. If you want to innovate and find more original ideas, do not hesitate to search the Internet. The sites are full of videos and tutorials with new scary Halloween makeup ideas for girl, boy, man or woman and walk you through all the steps to get there. Be aware that, whatever the chosen pattern, it is important to find at least one of the colors of Halloween, that is to say white, black, red or orange. On Linternaute.com: witch, pumpkin, devil, vampire, Frankenstein, and skeleton.

How to make vampire makeup easily?

The vampire is a very popular make-up for Halloween night enjoyed by children and adults alike. If some lovers of makeup and disguise achieve very sophisticated vampire faces, it is actually quite easy to make up like a vampire with just a few greasy eyeshadows.

  1. Vampires have a pale complexion, so with white or gray eyeshadow, or a mixture of the two, cover your entire face. Apply a little black below the cheekbones, jawline and around the temples and blur the eyeshadow to give the impression of an emaciated face.
  2. Eyes should be dark with smoky makeup. Apply black greasy eyeshadow all over the eyelid and stretch the material all around the eye, including underneath, and blend there for a “smooky” effect. Add a little red oily shadow around the eyelid and blend again.
  3. The make-up of the move is very simple. Mark the outline of your mouth and paint it dark red, black, or another dark color of your choice.

La Catrina’s easy Halloween makeup

If you need to recommend a make-up and disguise that you can easily achieve and that will really make a splash, it is La Catrina. It is achievable in no time.

  1. Using a sponge, apply a white greasy makeup all over the face and neck.
  2. Circle your eyes with black make-up and fill in the drawn circles with a black color.
  3. On the nose, draw an inverted V shape and fill in there too with black eyeshadow.
  4. Draw several vertical lines above the lips and then to the middle of the cheeks, on each side.

For a colorful alternative, do not hesitate to put red or pink around the eyes. Add a wreath of flowers, and voila! This La Catrina makeup is celebrated on the Day of the Dead, a holiday associated with All Saints’ Day, in Mexico. It can be worn by both men and women.

What Halloween makeup ideas for a woman?

Many proven Halloween make-up are mixed like clowns, vampires and other monsters, you just have to adjust them according to our tastes to appropriate it or to reproduce a model that we like. Other essential makeup are often used by women who celebrate Halloween night, we think of witches, black cats and devils present every year. To change things up a bit, it’s easy to find inspiration in pop culture, this year among the trends we find make-up imitating the robotic doll from the dystopian South Korean series Squid Game, or that of the iconic villain Disney Cruella d’Enfer. Both are ultimately quite simple to achieve, for the first to opt for a uniform complexion, a marked contouring, a pronounced pink blush on the cheekbones, very red lips, hidden eyebrows replaced by a thin pencil line and above all eyes enlarged using white makeup and black pencil. As for the second character, imitate a pale complexion with light gray eyeshadow obtained thanks to the mixture of gray and white oily eyeshadow and reproduce a glamorous, smooky make-up with a pronounced liner line for the eyes and blood red lipstick for the mouth.

Other pop culture icons are always great inspiration for Halloween makeup. The saucy Harley Quinn remains in tune with the times and the cartoon villains are also a rich source of inspiration, in spades we can quote The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent from Beauty in Wonderland. sleeping wood or Yzma from Kuzco. For those who would like to disguise themselves as a monster, some creatures are often forgotten like the famous gorgon Medusa from Greek mythology.

What Halloween makeup ideas for men?

Skeleton makeup is an option often used by men who play the game and dress up on the evening of October 31st. The idea is good and the makeup effective, but for a little more originality, why not take inspiration from the calaveras, these skulls of Mexican origin and the male counterpart of La Catrina. As for vampire make-up, seen and reviewed, why not replace them by becoming the enemy of blood drinkers: the werewolf! The technique is simple to imitate the creature and many tutorials on the internet explain how to do makeup.

  • With eyeshadows darker than the skin tone, sculpt the face into the hollows of the cheeks, the contours of the nose and around the temples and forehead.
  • Mimic the hair and the birth of the tufts of hair on the werewolf’s face: one starting from the middle of the forehead and one on each cheek, if you want you can add more at the temples. Start at the edges of your face, darken them generously, then stretch the eyeshadows to a point over your cheeks or forehead. With different shades of brown add small strokes and blur them to give texture to the makeup.
  • Then tackle the eyes with dark make-up on the eyelid and a little below the eye, then blend the material outwards.
  • The eyebrows should be full, grow them with makeup and consider imitating a small spike at the birth of the eyebrow for a more realistic effect.
  • The nose should slightly resemble a truffle, darken it down your nose, nostrils to the tip. As for the mouth, make up it with a dark color as well. If you feel comfortable, feel free to add injury or scratch marks.

For other ideas, this year clown or Joker-inspired make-up is still trending and the advantage is that it can be adapted to not look like everyone. The so-called steampunk make-ups are also in vogue and rather easy to achieve.