The essential material for a Halloween makeup


Before Halloween , October 31, we stock up on makeup. Very simple to apply, they allow you to easily perform a multitude of make-up. To be sure not to make a mistake, we rely on black and white. You don’t need to have your face completely made up to be in the theme. These two eyeshadows will do the job perfectly for a skeleton make-up. For a more elaborate make-up, we do not forget the fake blood and the latex. The plus: colored lenses for a 100% Halloween outfit .

Don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror? We run to buy makeup patches specially designed for the Halloween party. The trick? The famous hypoallergenic stickers are placed one by one on the cheeks, nose, eyes or around the face. That’s it !

Easy Halloween makeup

No need to invest an astronomical sum or spend hours in makeup for Halloween. On the contrary, the net is full of simple but effective ideas to scare without difficulty. For example, you just need to have a foundation lighter than your skin tone to make you a pale complexion, a red lipstick to make you fake blood or even a black eye shadow to create dark circles or dark circles. shadows.

What eye makeup for Halloween?

There are multiple eye makeups for Halloween. Among the best known, the colorful designs that surround the Dia de los Muertos eye, the cobwebs above the eyeliner or the famous black wings worn by Natalie Portman in the film “Black Swan”.

How to get a white complexion for Halloween? 

The best foundation for Halloween makeup worthy of the name is white skin tone. If it is possible to opt for a very light foundation, it is still best to turn to a white greasy makeup, in other words special makeup for the face and body. To apply it well, nothing could be simpler: as we apply our foundation , we bring a brush or Beautyblender and we stretch the material evenly over the entire face. Depending on the desired effect (a Joker makeup requires more material than another makeup), you can apply several layers of makeup to intensify the rendering. 

How to get a fake scar?  

To achieve a fake scar, you need a little more patience and concentration as things get a bit tricky. Before you start, you must gather: latex, fake blood, foundation, black makeup, a brush and small scissors. 

First step: Using a sponge, pat the liquid latex over the entire area where the wound will be created. Wait for the latex to dry and repeat the operation several times. Drying between coats can be accelerated using a hair dryer. Finally, make up the latex (which becomes white as the layers go on) with foundation in order to hide the demarcations with the natural skin color. 

Second step: using small scissors, incise the latex to form the wound. Be careful not to hurt yourself. 

Third step: make up the inside of the wound with a dark shade. Black is preferred. 

Fourth step: using a brush, start to reproduce small splashes all over the wound. Then fill it completely with fake blood. Do not hesitate to abuse it in order to make the effect more real. 

And to withdraw it then? A little cleansing oil is enough. Slide your fingers inside the false wound and massage gently. The latex will peel off slowly. 

Halloween makeup: where to find the material?

Today it is very easy to get hold of makeup for Halloween. While there are many stores specializing in parties and disguises in which it is easier to find latex or fake blood, for example, other department stores like Sephora or Cultura offer pallets and tubes for sale. ideal makeup for a white complexion or cat eyes. In addition, there are many dedicated sites on the Internet.

Where to find inspiration for Halloween makeup

Every year, the stars compete in their imagination to find us THE costume and makeup that will hit the mark. Out of inspiration? We do not hesitate to reproduce their look. Classic but effective, our favorite movie heroines always make their mark. Super-Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Swann: all looks are possible thanks to the tutorials from Beauty Youtubers. Don’t panic, these geniuses of make-up are there to guide us in our monstrous transformation. Here are 18 frightfully cool Halloween makeup ideas.