Tips for a safe Halloween


The Halloween proves to be one of the most exciting holidays of the year! Young and old alike allow themselves to do what is usually forbidden: disguise themselves, walk in the dark and knock on the doors of pure strangers! However, in order for everything to be fun, you have to follow a few safety tips. To these is also added the COVID-19 factor … This year, we will have to be extra careful in many respects!

Before the big day of Halloween

Choose a costume

  • Select costumes that are loose enough to cover warm clothing.
  • Pay special attention to the colors of the clothes, so that they are easily visible in the evening, especially for motorists. Favor costumes with light colors and reflective stripes.
  • Make sure the costume is not too long to prevent your children from falling while walking or running.
  • Go for makeup and face paint rather than a mask. Here it is about the traditional Halloween masks that cover the entire face. However, you can find a mask (this time, we are talking about the one now mandatory in indoor public places given the COVID-19) that will coordinate with the disguise, while leaving the eyes clear.
  • Be sure to choose flame retardant suits, beards or wigs.
  • When possible, avoid toy guns. If they are necessary for the costume, opt for flexible materials that are safe for your children and for those they come across.

Participate in the decoration …

It is just as fun for the children to decorate the house to receive the little monsters in disguise at their doorstep on the evening of October 31st. This part of the holiday helps build excitement several days in advance. However, once again, caution is required when preparing.


  • Let your kids have fun decorating the pumpkins with paint or crayons. They can also stick scraps of wool or whatever they have on hand! However, you will reserve the portion where you will transform the pumpkin into a lantern. Even if the little ones do not touch the knife, you can still take the opportunity to explain to them what you are doing and why this part of the decoration is reserved for you.
  • Use battery-powered candles to illuminate your pumpkin. Think about your young children, but also your pets.

of the House

  • Set up the decorations, making sure to leave the space clear where little vampires, fairies or the like will roam on the night of the party. Turn on exterior and interior lights to reassure children and also to signal that they are welcome.
  • If you have pets, keep them indoors so as not to cause fear in the little ones or an unpredictable reaction from the animal towards children.
  • If you decide to offer candy in this particular year, imagine an original way to distribute it, while respecting physical distancing: a slip, a pipe? You can also simply wrap the candies in individual bags, place them in a large bowl, and have the children help themselves.

Halloween night

To disguise

  • Dress your children warmly so that they can fully enjoy their evening. You can even slip scarves and gloves into a backpack. In general, children are quite warm walking from house to house, but some evenings in October can be freezing cold. So don’t run any risk!
  • Avoid little princess shoes or other shoes that are not hot enough or uncomfortable! On Halloween night, bet on comfort.
  • Do not overload your child, for example with a sword. Ideally, hang it on its disguise, if not, leave it at home. He will need both hands to carry his bag of candy!
  • While makeup is recommended, if a child is keen on wearing a mask, make sure it fits properly so that it cannot interfere with their vision and breathing.
  • If your children’s costumes don’t already have one, add reflective tape to them.

Running Halloween

During this crazy evening, we are all tempted (yes, even the parents!) To break the rules! After all, we say “run Halloween”… However, everyone’s safety is at stake, so… yes, yes, you have to walk! And you must respect these few rules that you will also repeat to your children.

  • Cross the street at intersections, even though there is a decorated house on the other side! Go one side at a time!
  • Stay outside the houses and only approach those that are lighted. A House in the Dark on October 31 sends a clear message!
  • Have a flashlight with you so you can see where you are stepping, in addition to being seen by motorists.
  • Sometimes Halloween decorations include fire and candles, remind your kids to always stay away from them, especially with a costume.
  • Make sure there is always at least one adult accompanying young children. For the older ones who want to run Halloween with friends, ask them to tell you about the route they will take, give them a maximum time they will have to be back and suggest that they stay in small groups of 4. -5 people. *** Unfortunately, this year, it will be impossible to run Halloween with friends, according to the recommendations made by the Government of Usa. We will have to stay with our “family bubble”.

Watch for treats

Treats stir up little foodies in disguise, but they can be extremely dangerous for young children or those with allergies.

If you accompany your child on his gourmet walk, you will be able to make him wait before tasting the treats that fall in the bag or at the very least checking the candies as they want to eat one. Once at home, take the time to examine your little one’s candy before they eat it.

  • Avoid treats without commercial packaging.
  • Watch out for your children’s allergies.
  • Watch out for soft candies, peanuts, or very hard candies that could cause choking.

*** Given the COVID-19 pandemic, to avoid taking any unnecessary risks with sweets that come from different homes, leave them in quarantine for about 24 hours. Of course, a Halloween party without tasting candy is not a Halloween party… Plan ahead and offer candy to your children, they can be enjoyed the same evening!

What about adults?

Even though safety tips are said over and over again year after year, the monsters and princesses of this world still tend to take to the streets. If you must use your vehicle that evening, take extra care, especially when exiting your driveway. You can never know, at what moment, one of them will cross the street! Vigilance is essential at all times!

Halloween in a COVID-19 pandemic?

A global reflection must take place about this holiday so popular with children so that it is aligned with the instructions required by the government of Usa given the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no point in depriving your children, but certainly, you will have to add rules this year and respect your own limits. The Halloween will not be celebrated as in years past. One thing is certain, we will avoid groupings at all costs, we will stay with our family and ideally, we will pick up candy in our neighborhood, or even among people we know. It will probably be necessary to reduce the number of houses visited and to celebrate more with the family rather than in the street.

So on this Halloween party, be careful, but above all … have fun! Young and old alike need to be aware of the possible dangers, just to avoid them!

Happy Halloween!